ADX holds ?investor relations workshop?

ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, ADX, has held an investor relations workshop for companies listed on the exchange to understand how to enhance investor relations and meet their regulatory requirements.

Participants from ADX listed companies attended the workshop.

Khalifa Salem Al Mansouri, Acting Chief Executive of ADX, said that the exchange is keen to support and assist companies in enhancing the role of investor relations managers as well as improving relations between the respective company and investors.

He added that ADX would continue to work with the companies on implementing the most important recommendations of this workshop and ensure they appoint an investor relations manager.

The workshop outlined a company’s responsibility for providing data, financial reports, financial results, minutes of the general assembly meetings, and other noteworthy events. Also outlined were the necessary procedures to provide all data and information to the Investor Relations Officer. This includes the board of directors’ decisions upon their issuance and the periodic and annual financial statements upon their approval by the board, which will help enabling the investor relations officer to carry out the tasks specified.

It also discussed how ADX updated its electronic disclosure system. This development will result in the direct and immediate disclosure of information throughout the year on ADX’s website, excluding suspension, re-trading, and insider trading situations. Moreover, this will result in providing immediate disclosure and information to ADX’s stakeholders.

Workshop attendess were also informed about procedures, regulations and mechanisms to deal with a listed company that accumulates losses of 20 percent or more of its capital.

Source: Emirates News Agency