ADP participates in security inspection conference

ABU DHABI, A delegation from the Security Inspection Administration of the Security and Ports Affairs Sector at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ learnt about the police capabilities of countries during its participation in a conference held in the United States, US.

Colonel Hashem Al Sayed Al Hashemi, Deputy Director of the Administration, highlighted the desire of the Abu Dhabi Police to keep pace with the best international practices and develop specialist police work through the Administration, to attain the highest levels of readiness in combatting crimes through the use of police dogs for security and inspection work, as well as to maintain public safety and stability.

The visit was very productive and aimed to explore the latest police practices in the areas of training, inspections and ways of discovering crimes using police dogs, he added.

The delegation, which was led by Colonel Al Hashemi, included Lt. Abdullah Mohammed Al Marzouqi and Lt. Mohammed Rashid Al Hantubi.

Source: Emirates News Agency