Abdulrahman Al Owais leads UAE delegation in meetings of Arab ministers of health in Cairo

CAIRO, Abdulrahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention and Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, led a UAE delegation to the 49th session of the Arab Ministers of Health Council, which was held today at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League, with the participation of Arab ministers of health or their representatives.

The delegation included Dr. Hussain Abdulrahman Al Zanad, Assistant Under-Secretary for Health Centres and Clinics, and other health officials.

Al Owais highlighted the importance of the Council’s current session, as it will discuss many topics of concern to the health sector of Arab countries.

In his statement to a reporter from the Emirates News Agency, WAM, in Cairo, he affirmed the importance of discussing the future of the Arab health sector and the various challenges that could affect it while noting that they discussed chronic diseases, and the restructuring of the Executive Office of Council to enable it to fulfil its role, as well as suggestions related to its quarterly reports.

The Council also discussed how to provide health support to Yemen and promote the rights of elderly people to receive health and social care, as well as the suggestion of Kuwait to celebrate the “Arab Doctor Day,” and the request of the UNFPA to acquire observer status in the Council’s meetings.

The Council also discussed the successful and leading health experience of its member countries, the logo of “Arab Health Day 2018,” combining the health legislation of Arab countries, the 11th “Arab Conference on Transfusion,” the role of e-health and its importance to developing the healthcare systems of Arab countries and promoting the role of nursing, as well as the request of the “Arab Nurses Federation” and Morocco’s suggestions that are related to the Council’s agenda.

Source: Emirates News Agency