5,162 people with disabilities in care and rehabilitation centres

ABU DHABI– The number of students in care and rehabilitation centres for People of Determination (people with special needs) in the UAE during the 2017-2018 reached nearly 5,162, according to the Ministry of Community Development.

There are 96 centres with about 2,730 workers, of which 2,120 with a university or postgraduate degrees.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi accounts for 44 per cent of students with disabilities enrolled in local and federal centres in the private sector with 2,283 students, of whom 865 are female. In Dubai, the percentage of students who joined centres reached 23 per cent, numbering 1,180, of which 390 are females.

The number in Sharjah reached 1,066, of which 343 are female, while in Ras Al Khaimah they reached 231, of which 84 are female. In Ajman, the number reached 192 students, of which 80 are female, while 155 in Fujairah, of which 59 are female, and 42 in Umm Al Qaiwain, of which 13 are female.

The Ministry of Community Development is responsible for issuing licences to institutions and centres that care for, educate and support People of Determination. It is also responsible for developing care and rehabilitation programmes and methods, as well as organising, monitoring and conducting vocational training programmes.

The ministry does not issue any new licences before ensuring that new centres can provide quality services and comprehensive care for their members, in line with the directives of the UAE’s leadership to offer the best services to disabled people and guarantee their integration in the community.

The ministry stressed that any centre that applies for a licence must meet specific conditions, to guarantee that People of Determination will receive complete care and rehabilitation, and specialists are available to protect them.

The ministry monitors the work of the centres to guarantee their commitment to the conditions of their licence.

Source: Emirates News Agency