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Rouhani says Iran will not be ‘bullied’ into US talks

President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday suggested Iran may be willing to hold talks if the United States showed it respect, but said Tehran will not be “bullied” into negotiations with Washington, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Iran and the US

‫Unity Homes تطرح 1200 منزلاً في مدينة تاتو

مشروعات بقيمة 4,5 مليار شلن كيني تسهم في مشروعات الإسكان متوسط ومنخفض التكلفة لإنجاز جدول أعمال الأهداف الأربع الكبرى.  

نيروبي، كينيا، 31 من مايو 2019 /PRNewswire/ — بدأت Unity Homes، المطور العقاري للمجتمعات السكنية الشاملة في كينيا، مشروعًا لإنشاء 1200

14th Islamic Summit issues Makkah Declaration

MAKKAH, The 14th Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which started in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, earlier today underlined the importance of the Palestinian cause as the central issue of the Islamic nation.

This came in the Makkah Al …

UAE Press: Mecca Summit sends a strong message to Iran

ABU DHABI, An emergency meeting of Arab and Muslim heads of state resoundingly condemned Iran’s destabilising actions in the Gulf and the Arab world, said a UAE newspaper on Saturday.

In its editorial, the Gulf News said, “This was an …