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‫مستشفى مورفيلدز دبي للعيون ينقذ بصر أحد المرضى عن طريق “تغيير الزيت”

دبي, الإمارات العربية المتحدة, 11 نوفمبر 2018 : نجح فريق أطباء مستشفى مورفيلدز دبي للعيون في إنقاذ بصر أحد المرضى عن طريق تغيير زيت السيليكون الذي كان قد تمَّ حقنه في عين المريض اليسرى سابقًا في إطار إجراء علاجي خضع

ADNOC hosts 26 global oil, gas and petrochemical leaders at Abu Dhabi CEO Roundtable

ABU DHABI, Twenty-six of the world’s leading oil and gas sector leaders gathered in Abu Dhabi, today, for a high-level industry forum focused on the evolving dynamics of the energy landscape and the opportunities for hydrocarbon produced energy to support …

UAE, Uruguay trade exchange reaches US$43.6 million in 2017

ABU DHABI, The total value of trade exchange between the United Arab Emirates and Uruguay reached US$43.6 million in 2017, with a growth of 26.5% compared to US$34 million in 2016.

The Trade Policy Review between the UAE and Uruguay, …

UAE Ambassador, Governor of Sindh discuss bolstering economic relations

KARACHI, Pakistan, Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Salem Al Zaabi, UAE ambassador to Pakistan, has met with Imran Ismail, Governor of Sindh province, at the local government palace in Karachi.

Al Zaabi congratulated the Governor on his new appointment, wishing him success …