2018 SANY Global Dealers Summit comes to a great success

CHANGSHA, China, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On February 8, SANY held the Summit of Global Dealers in Changsha, which is themed on “innovation, change, digitalization and win-win”. About 300 representatives of SANY global dealers from 60 countries, e.g., USA, Germany, India, Kuwait, Thailand, South Africa, etc. talked with SANY top management to understand its history, international strategy and three-year plan in the future. They also received the training program on SANY products, discussed the marketing tactics in overseas market and win-win development plan. In the period, SANY Heavy Industry International Headquarters signed the agreement of sales target for 2018 with 61 dealers, thus kicking off the new chapter of its international development.

SANY Group Director & SANY Heavy Industry President Mr. Xiang Wenbo, SANY Group Director & SANY Pump Machinery Chairman Mr. Liang Linhe, SANY Heavy Industry Vice President & SANY Port Machinery Chairman Mr. Fu Weizhong, Rootcloud CEO Mr. He Dongdong and SANY Heavy Industry International Headquarters Director Mr. Zhou Wanchun attended the relevant activities in the meeting.

SANY realized rapid development in international presence

Mr. Xiang Wenbo,SANY Group Director & SANY Heavy Industry President delivers a speech

Mr. Xiang Wenbo made a keynote speech at the principal venue of SANY Summit of Global Dealers for 2018.

At first, Mr. Xiang Wenbo, on behalf of SANY Chairman Mr. Liang Wengen and SANY Board of Directors, expressed warm welcome to overseas dealers, and delivered heartfelt gratitude to their support and help to SANY for years, and gave Chinese New Year blessings to dealers and other participants. Xiang Wenbo pointed out that, for years, dealers of SANY in the world have made outstanding contributions for SANY to become the leading corporation in the Belt & Road Initiative. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all dealers, sales and profits of SANY doubled in 2017, with its cash flow creating a new record.

Mr. Xiang Wenbo emphasized that international management institution of SANY experienced fundamental reform and transformation in 2017, which implemented the operating ideas of Chairman Liang Wengen featured by “two separations, two-wheel drives and three carriages”. The reform helped SANY secure rapid growth in its international development. Mr. Xiang hoped SANY and all its dealers should finalize two tasks in the coming new year. First, develop products with absolute competitiveness, which is the duty of SANY. Second, provide the best and extremely considerate service, which is the duty of SANY and its dealers. He said, “Let’s move forward hand in hand to build SANY into a world-class corporation.”

Mr. Zhou Wanchun introduced the international strategy and three-year plan of SANY. According to the plan, SANY will, in five years, developed SANY into the leading world-class corporation in the industry. During the Summit, Rootcloud CEO Mr. He Dongdong made a keynote speech about Rootcloud. Relevant departments of SANY Heavy Industry made presentations on SANY plan of international operations and its products.

The dealers said the Summit broke borders between countries, races and cultures. The participants discussed for common development, thus enhancing mutual trust and having clearer orientation and greater confidence for international development of SANY.

New mechanism stimulated new power

In the framework of new system, SANY provided more direct and efficient support to dealers while making faster response to the market in 2017. More than 20 dealers were promoted or contracted in 2017. The new management system ensured SANY had new dynamics and vitality in its international development.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of all overseas dealers, SANY organized more than 500 promotions, competitions and test-driving events to market its equipment in the overseas market. For many times, it invited the major clients and big clients to SANY headquarters while pushing forward the standardization of SANY shops. It is worth noting that SANY teams “worked and made decisions” together with dealers, thus securing the success of SANY dealers and contributing to SANY business.

The win-win partnership between SANY and its overseas dealers has reached the unprecedented height. During the Summit, the excellent overseas dealers of SANY shared their experience in having successful cooperation with SANY. And SANY signed the agreement of sales targets with 61 overseas dealers. At the same time, SANY also commended 19 dealers that were Star & Gold winners and Special Award Winners for 2017.

According to Mr. Zhou Wanchun, the efforts of dealers have been working hard for years and they are the principal forces that help SANY make stable growth in the overseas market in spite of all adversaries in the world economy. Export figures in China reveal that SANY concrete equipment, piling equipment, excavation equipment and hoisting equipment keep taking the leading position in the industry in terms of export, which attributes to the hard work and contributions made by SANY overseas dealers.

Behind the best quality of SANY

Xiang Wenbo(5th,L) and Zhou Wanchun (3rd,L) take a photo with the 5-star gold dealer(4th,R)

To help SANY dealers better understand SANY culture and see with own eyes the quality of SANY equipment, the participants were organized to visit the No. 18 Workshop in SANY Changsha Industrial Park, which is known as the Demo Workshop of China’s Intelligent Manufacturing, the small-tonne crane assembly line in SANY Ningxiang Industrial Park, to view performance and experience the road rollers and cranes.

In No. 18 Workshop and small-tonne crane assembly line in SANY Ningxiang Industrial Park, the guide introduced to the dealers, in fluent English, about the many products of SANY such as concrete machinery, road machinery, crane and excavating machinery, etc. The lean production and intelligent management in SANY gave them deep impressions. In particular, the dealers fully comprehended the power of SANY in intelligent manufacturing after viewing the automatic line of pump trucks in the intelligent workshop.

Nearly 400 global clients and foreigners were present at the venue to experience the road rollers and cranes. Principals of SANY Heavy Industry introduced to the dealers about the excellent performance and quality of two categories of SANY products. Many dealers also operated the road rollers and cranes on the site. In the process, they were amazed by the high-quality, high-tech and person-oriented all-new products of SANY, unwilling to get off the machinery.

The dealers were deeply impressed by the Summit. All of them believed that, the Summit helped them better understand SANY and have greater confidence in SANY’s future, thus laying a solid foundation for their broader cooperation.

All SANY participants and SANY dealers, either new or old friends, have the same dream of selling SANY equipment to the whole world and building SANY fame in the world. Mr. Xiang Wenbo firmly believes that, with concerted efforts, SANY brand will gain greater renown and SANY will provide better-quality products and more efficient services to the world while creating greater values for all parties.

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