11 Initiatives announced at Annual UAE Government Meetings

ABU DHABI, The UAE Government Annual Meetings, which bring together more than 500 leaders from federal and local government authorities, in the presence of Their Highnesses the Crown Princes, Ministers, and Executive Councils’ Secretaries, to review the UAE government goals and priorities during the next phase and needed actions in various sectors. The workshops and sessions tackled three main themes, the economy, society and government action and 11 developmental topics that directly fulfill citizens’ aspirations. The initiatives are in line with the UAE’s development plans, the goals of UAE Vision 2021 and the topics of the UAE Centennial 2071.

Early Childhood Jameela Al Muheiri, Minister of State for Public Education led the discussion on Early Childhood. The discussion focused on developing a number of initiatives around Early Childhood (0-8 years) within the UAE community. The initiatives aim to establish a legislative system that achieves the best care for more than one million children in early childhood. Early childhood initiatives include the issuance of the Early Childhood Law and the development of the National Council for Early Childhood Development.

Promoting Tourism The UAE government team discussed a number of initiatives to develop the tourism sector. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, and Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge, including discussed the launch of a comprehensive agenda for national activities, the development of the legislative and regulatory environment for tourism, the establishment of a platform for tourism data, and the launch of accelerators program for the tourism sector in order to unify the efforts of the concerned entities in the tourism sector. The initiatives aim to strengthen the tourism competitiveness across the UAE.

Digital Economy Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence confirmed that the UAE has presented a pioneering global experience in accelerating the adoption of modern technology in various areas of government work, which contributes to the development of government services, and support future sectors and promote digital economic activities that support the country’s GDP directly and indirectly.

Initiatives discussed by the UAE government team included the launch of the Future of the Digital Economy Council, the development of a digital legislative environment, the support of national digital startups, and the establishment of a global platform to attract investors in the digital economy.

The Teacher Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, led the discussion on a number of initiatives in the field of teacher recognition and empowerment, distributed over three themes: teacher empowerment, teacher appreciation and teacher motivation.

The initiatives discussed focused on supporting and empowering the teacher in the UAE school system, enhancing his professional and professional abilities, and appreciating his national efforts in preparing a generation that meets the challenges and requirements of future skills to ensure a decent life for future generations.

Ease of doing business Abdulla Nasser Lootah is the Director General of Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) discussed with the government team ways to support the entrepreneurial sector and establish new businesses in various vital economic sectors and future. The team also discussed the review and evaluation of the cost of doing business in the UAE and ways to reduce government procedures associated with the main business services that pass through several government agencies at the federal and local level, in order to ensure the speed and ease of establishment and continuity of business in the UAE.

Zayed’s Legacy The annual meetings of the UAE government discussed ways to form a comprehensive national system derived from the legacy and principles of the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development discussed an initiative to develop a national charter of Zayed’s legacy, personality and values that constitute an ethical system for UAE nationals. The charter will also be translated to several languages and distribute it in all local and international forums to introduce the people of the UAE to the values of the founding father.

National Payment system Obaid bin Humaid Al Tayer, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, discussed ways to develop the National Payment System initiative, which is a comprehensive national platform aimed at providing flexible and efficient financial services to customers, linking government services at the federal and local levels, and enhancing the efficiency of the government through coordinating payment channels to promote integration. Provide various channels to complete transactions. The national payment system adopts advanced technology solutions and applications aimed at providing a safe electronic environment for the customer.

Promotion of Trade The UAE Government team discussed the National Trade Promotion Program, to promote UAE goods and services through a system to manage the UAE’s commercial offices around the world. The initiative aims as well to develop a range of regional and international agreements to support the deployment of UAE services in various international markets. This comes in aim to support the competitiveness of the UAE economy, promote UAE products and services in international markets, encourage the economic activity, and increase the competitiveness of national exports and sustaining its leading global position.

Unified Health Records System The UAE government discussed during the third annual meetings ways to provide efficient unified health record for each Emirati within a comprehensive national platform. His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, discussed the establishment of a Unified Health Records System to strengthen the health sector in the UAE by providing an integrated data platform that preserves privacy and facilitates access to the best health services in the country. His Excellency stressed the importance of providing best levels of health care to the community as this comes at the top of the priorities of the government and within the priorities of the UAE national agenda.

The Retirees Hessa Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development led the discussion on the topic of retirees. Initiatives for retirees within the UAE community include: the national pension platform, retirement retraining and awareness programs for retirees, advisory boards for retirees, and retirement service packages, which benefit retirees in the UAE. Her Excellency stressed the importance of providing long-term developmental solutions for the prosperity, progress and social stability of retirees.

Customers’ Digital File The UAE government team discussed ways to create a digital file for each customer, in an effort to provide high-quality proactive services, taking into account the protection of customers’ information and privacy, saving their time and effort and improving the experience of obtaining government services. The initiative is based on the existence of a unified digital file for each citizen, containing all its data and information. The unified digital file seeks to achieve a set of targets that contribute to enhancing the efficiency of government work through the creation of incentive mechanisms for sustainable development.

Source: Emirates News Agency