‘1001 Titles’ selects 64 manuscripts to publish

SHARJAH, Knowledge without Borders, KwB, has announced that 64 manuscripts out of 794 submissions were selected for publishing, as part of the second phase of the AED5 million ‘1001 Titles’ project.

This unique publishing initiative was launched in 2016 and has been boosting the intellectual output of the UAE by publishing 1,001 Emirati first-edition titles every two years.

Of the 794 titles that were submitted to compete for the 1001 Titles grant, 64 have been shortlisted and approved by the advisory committee, thus far, to be published under the initiative. The second phase is also allowing authors to directly approach the initiative and submit their manuscripts themselves, without the involvement of a publisher. The 1001 Titles Selection Committee has received 72 direct submissions by authors.

In this second phase, the lion’s share of the AED5 million budget of the initiative will go to titles put forth by the membership of the Emirates Publishers’ Association, EPA. Of the 1,001 books that will be supported by the project, 700 will be taken up by EPA members and the remaining 301 will represent other publishers and authors.

Commenting on the programme, Majd Al Shehhi, Manager of 1001 Titles, said, “In its second phase, the initiative is enjoying the fruits of the reputation and success it established in its first phase. It has been only six months since phase two was launched, and we have received an overwhelming response from Emirati and Arab publishers, authors and illustrators seeking our patronage and support.

“The ‘1001 Titles’ initiative is every bit unique in the way it aspires to enrich the libraries of children and youth with outstanding original content, and simultaneously develop the UAE’s publishing industry by offering a great impetus and a competitive environment to those who are dedicated to bettering the intellectual output of the country and the region. Having received nearly 800 titles already, we are hopeful that the number of submissions will only grow bigger in the coming months.”

The first set of approved books targets children and young adults in categories that have been receiving increasing attention from publishers in the UAE. The titles also deal with issues of national history and heritage, while others deal with education, intellect and self-development.

The selection criterion for 1001 Titles requires that the content of the manuscripts must be written in classical Arabic, and reflect Islamic, Arab and Gulf values and traditions. Other essentials are that the books be creative and should be able to capture the reader’s interest and imagination. Of course, information in the submitted manuscripts must be accurate and up-to-date.

The 1001 Titles initiative was launched in February 2016, in line with the announcement of 2016 as the ‘Year of Reading’ by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Source: Emirates News Agency